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Pricing Information


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Our Low Prices aims at providing the best Pure Mexican Vanilla products at low prices. We are constantly searching for the best products at the lowest prices, but it is impossible to have the lowest prices on all the items.


Please let us know if one of our products is sold at a lower price (plus shipping) by one of our competitors and we will look into it on a case by case basis.


Wholesale Prices
Our products at are already set at wholesale prices. We will take an additional 10-15% off our already low prices for wholesalers who pick up the merchandise at our location. (Sales tax and business license required)


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With more than 5 years in the Mexican Vanilla business and nearly 4 websites, we are considered the "go-to" place when it comes to finding an unparalleled selection of Mexican Vanilla brands. Our most popular brands include Danncy Vanilla and La Vencedora Vanilla.


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